• The Analyzer view is now open to guest users! Previously, guest users had no choice but to create a TrustInSoft CI account to browse analysis results with the Analyzer. As TrustInSoft CI user, this made it impractical when you wanted to question someone, who'd never used TrustInSoft CI, about an Undefined Behavior. Now, you can click on an Explore button, copy-paste the Analyzer URL in the address bar and share it with anyone, who can then freely look at the Undefined Behavior, without ever having to create an account:

  • Pull requests and git tags are now supported. From now on, a new analysis will be triggered every time a pull request is created / updated or a git tag is pushed to your remote repository. Also learn if any given analysis refers to a branch update, a pull request or a tag by reading the REFERENCE columns which replaces the BRANCH column.

  • Other small improvements and fixes


  • Some users have asked us to share a detailed description of each supported target architecture so they can pick the right subset of architectures to run their analyses on and therefore save analysis time. It's done! The csv file available here contains, for each supported architecture, information such as char size, short size, int size, etc.

  • New fields cpp-extra-args and cxx-cpp-extra-args in the tis.config file. Use one or both of these two fields to let TrustInSoft CI know how to preprocess the source files in your project prior to the analysis. You can provide either the preprocessing options that are relevant to your project and the analysis (such as -I, -D or -U ) or the whole compilation line. TrustInSoft CI will keep only the relevant options. Use cpp-extra-args and cxx-cpp-extra-args for respectively C and C++ source files. If your project contains source files in both languages, include both fields in the tis.config file.

These fields replace and deprecate thecompilation_cmdfield. Please replace it withcpp-extra-argsand/orcxx-cpp-extra-argsin all your tis.config file!


  • Tired of working on 2 different tabs? The Analyzer now opens in the same browser tab! Previously, after you clicked on the Explore button, a new tab opened to load the Analyzer. When by chance the opening of this tab wasn't already blocked by your browser, this behavior was painful, since you had to go back and forth between the main TrustInSoft CI tab and this Analyzer tab.

  • You can now share Analyzer URLs with other logged-in users! And in an upcoming release, share them with logged-out users too! For example, it can be quite handy when you want to question someone about an Undefined Behavior found. Click on an Explore button, copy-paste the Analyzer URL in the address bar and share it with others:

  • New field no-results in the tis.config file. Some of your tests are taking too long or are running into an out-of-memory? Feel free to add this line "no-results": true to your tis.config file. The tests will run faster and consume less memory.

Warning: the values of the variables will no longer be available in the Analyzer view.

  • New field cxx-std in the tis.config file. Use this option to specify the C++ standard to follow. Default is c++11.

  • 2 new target architectures are supported: x86_win32 and x86_win64. Learn more

  • New column "EXIT STATUS" in the Tests table. By providing details on how your test terminated, this new column enables you to quickly spot the tests that prematurely exited or aborted. Hover your mouse over the Question mark icon to learn about the possible values.

When"no-results"is set in the tis.config file, values in this column may be missing in some cases. We are working on it.

  • Other small improvements and fixes


  • Start receiving email notifications every time a verification is done! Several email trigger options are available. Learn more

  • The field raw_options is now deprecated: please remove all of its occurrences from your tis.config files. Here is an example of tis.config file before and after the requested change:

tis.config before change
tis.config after change
tis.config before change
"raw_options": {"-val-timeout": "%d"}
tis.config after change
"val-timeout": %d
  • Other small improvements and fixes


  • New test status: Invalid property. You may for example use this new status to verify the result of your tests. Annotate your code with an ACSL property. If TrustInSoft CI fails to verify such property, the test will fail with this status. In the below example, TrustInSoft CI will check if the vector_test function returns 0 and it will return the Invalid property status otherwise:

//@ ensures \result == 0;
int vector_test(void (*f)(c​onst vector[], vector*),
const char *name, size_t nb_inputs,
size_t nb_vectors, u8 **vectors, size_t *sizes)
  • Various small improvements and fixes especially on test statuses, filter and pagination


  • Add your first TrustInSoft CI status badge to your project's README!

  • See 20 tests at a time with the new pagination component

  • Use the new test status filter in order, for example, to focus on the tests with an undefined behavior

  • You can now override the default 15-minute timeout value per test by adding the new option val-timeout to your tis.config file as follows:"val-timeout": <v>, where <v> is the new timeout value per test in seconds between 60 and 10800 (3 hours)

  • Other small improvements and bug fixes


  • You can now view up to 1000 tests or verifications on the same page versus 50 before

  • The memory allocated to verify each test has been doubled from 1.7GB to 3.5GB

  • For a given verification, you may now see, next to the Verification Result field, either a Warning icon for you to take action (add or fix your tis.config file) or a Cross icon to inform you that the Verification Result is either missing or incomplete (Git error or canceled verification)

  • Other small improvements and bug fixes


  • More granular Test Status: when your test has encountered an error, you do not need to click the test anymore to know the exact error type, just read the more granular Test Status field

  • More detailed Verification Status: the Verification Status field now displays the detailed tests results instead of a consolidated result. As a result, the Tests Summary column has been removed (as redundant)

  • The field name in the tis.config file becomes optional: TrustInSoft CI will set a default name to your test when name is not set

  • The field files is no longer required in every tis.config file, where the field include is used

  • New Delete button on the Verification history/project page: feel free to delete select verifications within your project history to share a clean TrustInSoft CI verification history with others

  • The analysis of programs, that contain floating-point values, is now more precise and can handle infinities and NaNs

  • Other small improvements and bug fixes


  • C++ is now officially supported: check out our C++ tutorial and start analyzing C++ projects!

  • Easy configuration: error messages related to missing or invalid tis.config files are more precise

  • The undefined behavior `Overflow` becomes `Signed overflow`

  • TrustInSoft CI Analyzer re-loads much faster: from 50s down to 10s for a 5s analysis (except the first time the Analyzer is loaded)

  • Other small improvements and bug fixes


  • Bye bye Firebase and the reliance on third-party cookies: authenticate to TrustInSoft CI directly via GitHub

  • Easy configuration: on the Add project page, click on the Copy button to copy-paste a sample tis.config file and add it to your project

  • Easy sharing: copy-paste test URLs and share with others by clicking on the Hyperlink button

  • After launch, TrustInSoft CI Analyzer now automatically points to the code statement where the Undefined behavior was found

  • If your project or GitHub organization changes name, TrustInSoft CI automatically updates the database so the change is transparent to you

  • Other small improvements and bug fixes


  • Live chat is ON: feel free to ask all of your questions! Info on schedule here

  • Easy configuration: there is a new Config tab that lets you view each of your test configuration without having to switch to

  • Other small improvements and bug fixes