Build preparation stage

The Build preparation stage is an optional step executed right before reading the Analyses configuration, hence before running the analyses.

If a Global configuration is used, this stage is executed only if the Build preparation stage is enabled in the Project settings:

If a Committed configuration is used, this stage is executed only if a .trustinsoft/ file is committed in the analyzed branch/tag/pull request of the GitHub repository.

During this stage, the build preparation script is run with the following specifications:

  • The current working directory is:

    • the repository's root for Global configurations

    • the.trustinsoft/ directory at the repository's root for Committed configurations

  • On an Ubuntu 18.04 distribution

  • With GNU bash, version 4.4

  • Limited to 30 minutes of execution

  • Some programs (such as bear,cmake, autoconf, ...) are already installed and available

  • Network access is enable to:

    • install any other required packages/programs

    • clone other repositories to make other source files available for analyses

With a Committed configuration, the Build preparation script can also be used to generate the Analyses configuration file!

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