Configuration files

To run analyses in TrustInSoft CI, a configuration is required for the GitHub repository to analyze. This configuration can:

  • either be written in the Project settings page (in the Build configuration section) (and is called a Global configuration),

  • or be committed with files in the GitHub repository inside a .trustinsoft/ directory at the root of the repository (and is called a Committed configuration).

This configuration includes:

While set-upping a project, you will have to chose between using a Global configuration (written in the Project settings page) or a Committed configuration (committed in the .trustinsoft/directory of the GitHub repository), according to the following advantages and disadvantages:

Global configuration

Committed configuration

In simple words, if you need to have a different configuration for several branches, tags or pull requests, a Committed configuration should be chosen. Otherwise, a Global configuration should be enough to set-up your project.

A single project can use both a Global configuration and a Committed configuration.

In this case, when a build is run, if a .trustinsoft/directory exists for the commit associated to this build, then the Committed configuration is used (and the Global configuration is completely ignored). Otherwise the Global configuration is used.

A single build cannot used a mixed of a Global configuration and a Committed configuration.

Each build indicates whether it is using a Global configuration or a Committed configuration.

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