GitHub organizations

Analyzing an organization project

GitHub organizations are shared GitHub accounts where businesses and open-source teams can collaborate on the same projects.

Projects owned by an organization are called organization projects. There are only two prerequisites to analyze such projects:

  1. TrustInSoft CI must be granted access to the organization owning the project.

  2. Only an organization owner (admin) can add such project to TrustInSoft CI. This permission will be required for any TrustInSoft CI operation on the project (adding/deleting the project) or its analyses (canceling/restarting an analysis).

Then, your organization should appear:

  • either in the navigation bar:

Granting access to your organization

There are two ways to grant TrustInSoft CI access to your organization.

During sign-up

On the GitHub authorization page, click Grant next to the organization:

After sign-up

  1. In the Personal settings, click Applications

  2. Click Authorized OAuth Apps

  3. Click TrustInSoft CI

  4. Click Grant next to the organization

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