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By default, TrustInSoft CI considers that your project is written using the C++11 standard. Exceptions are also disabled. Contact us to change the default settings of your project.

To learn about all the specifics of C++ analysis using TrustInSoft products including TrustInSoft CI, read this page.

You will be sent to the TrustInSoft Analyzer documentation, our on-premise product: TrustInSoft Analyzer++ is the version of TrustInSoft Analyzer for C++ and tis-analyzer++ is the command to invoke it.

You will see some command line options such as -cxx-demangling-full or -cxx-keep-mangling. These options are either undocumented or not supported yet in TrustInSoft CI.

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more!

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