Supported architectures

During the analysis, TrustInSoft CI faithfully emulates a target hardware architecture, respecting properties such as endianness, integer types and alignment constraints.

For each analysis, you can specify the target architecture of your choice by setting the machdep field in the Analyses configuration file to the corresponding architecture name. If machdep is not provided, TrustInSoft CI emulates, by default, a 32-bit x86 processor.

See below the list of currently supported architectures or read more about machdep.

Supported architectures

The table below provides a high-level description and the endianness of each supported architecture. To get further information on the data types, visit the Fundamental data types section.

With the exception ofapple_ppc_32, x86_win32 andx86_win64, all target architectures may be specified with the gcc_ prefix, in which case gcc language extensions are allowed, and the__int128integer type is available on a 64-bitmachdep.

Fundamental data types

The table below provides the default characteristics of the fundamental data types. Please refer to both the above table and the below CSV file to get their exact characteristics for each architecture.

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